Tuesday, May 7, 2013


I read with interest the linky started by Adeline (http://accidental-mom-blogger.blogspot.sg/) - what's in my bag?

My everyday bag now is my neverfull, for the reason that it is never-full. With 2 kids, there are always extras of everything that I need - from wet wipes to tissue to plasters. Plus, my bag has not had a good sorting out for ages, so this is a good chance to go through the junk and give it a good clean! :)

So, what is in my bag?

A - Pouches for letterbox key, discount cards and name cards. I had to get a second pouch to keep discount cards for kiddy shops. Too much shopping, I think!

B - Tissue. Usually loads of tissue. It just happened I was down to my last pack this morning!

C - Cook book. An obsession. And I always need some inspiration, no? :)

D - Transit-link card and house/gate key.

E - Mints. Very important as they help to keep me awake, especially when I am in a cab and cannot read.

F - Wet wipes for my snotty boy, Cream for mozzie bites, Koi food. Well, it is a daily ritual for Aden to feed the fish at the mall near his school each day. If I were to buy the food at the dispenser at the mall, it would cost me $40 for 40 packs. I went to the pet shop and bought a bag of them for $7 and the packed them into smaller bags myself.

G - Phone and Mini-Ipad. Cannot live without.

H - Wallet and bag for groceries or any other purchase so I do not have to ask for plastic bags. Trying to do my part for the environment.

I - Hand disinfectant spray.

J - Sunglasses, Hand cream (not sure why I have it in my bag since I always forget to apply), Plasters of all shapes and sizes for my boy who is very drama. Every little scratch (imaginary or otherwise) needs a Pororo plaster.

Missing - at least 3 types of snacks for the boy. That's about it! 

What is in your bag?

The Accidental Mom Blogger


  1. Hey...I love ur "bag" lols! Guess we have the same taste yah!

    1. hiak hiak! I saw your bag!!!! I was thinking, GREAT MINDS think alike! :P But it is a very practical bag. Can leave it hanging on one shoulder and use 2 hands to wipe snot from kiddo's nose!

  2. Wow, lots of things in your bag! I have a separate bag for stuff for my kid. Gosh, that means I carry two bags!!!

    1. Hey Agy, I have 2 also when we take the kids out - one each for my kids' barang barang AND food for the boy, AND milk for the girl. Actually, my hb helps too, so not so bad haha :)

  3. Pororo plaster!!!

    C no like plasters. He has an aversion to them... very difficult when there's really a need for one!

    1. That is why must have all sorts of cartoon. So drama I tell you. And instant cure once Pororo has been placed on (imaginary) cut.

  4. KOI FOOD?? hahahah very random! :p And I used to have hand cream in my bag until it exploded so .... yucks. :p Thanks for linking up and sharing!