Monday, June 3, 2013

fried bee hoon with cabbage and stewed pork

I was talking to a friend after writing a post on fried rice a few weeks ago and she asked if I had a recipe for Fried Bee Hoon (Vermicelli) with Stewed Pork to share.

I told her I did, and the recipe I am sharing today is one that has been passed on to me by my Mom.

My mom is a fantastic cook. I think my love for cooking really stemmed from watching her cook when I was a kid. That, coupled with the fact that my mom never stopped me from dabbling around in her kitchen, encouraged me to learn to cook as well as to bake.

My mom would come home to prepare dinner after working a full time job. She cooked almost every day. As such, many of her recipes are quick, but still amazingly delicious.

In today's recipe, I did what my mom has always done - I cheated by using canned stew pork. I make most things from scratch, but I have to confess that I love this brand of stewed pork. In fact, it is the only one that I would use when cooking fried bee hoon.

The recipe is really simple.

I started by picking out the bones, fat and soft jelly bits (the cartilage) from the meat as well as to break the meat up into smaller pieces.

I discarded the bones, fat and jelly bits. Then I passed the liquid left in the tins through a sieve and reserved this liquid.

A cabbage was cut into thin strips before being washed and drained.

In a heated wok, I added the vegetable oil. Once hot, the minced garlic was fried until the edges began to brown. Then I added the cabbage along with half the light soy and stirred to combine.

The liquid from the stewed pork was added.

As well as the pork, and the mixture was stirred again to mix.

The fire was turned down to medium, and a lid was placed on the wok for about 8 to 10 minutes to allow the cabbage to cook and soften.

Once the cabbage has softened, I added the bee hoon as well as the other half of the light soy. I also added dark soy sauce and white pepper.

Then I stirred to mix. The bee hoon will absorb the liquid and become flavouful.

I continued to stir on low fire until all the liquid has been absorbed.

The dish was done.

Sometimes I would fry an omelette and cut it into thin strips to top my bee hoon. But it really is not necessary. :)

Fried Bee Hoon with Cabbage and Stewed Pork (Serves 4)

1 packet bee hoon
2 cans Stewed pork
1 Beijing cabbage, cut into thin strips
2 tbs minced garlic
2 tbs vegetable oil
3 tbs light soy sauce
3 tbs dark soy sauce (more if you prefer your bee hoon to be darker)
1 tsp white pepper, grounded

1. Separate the meat from the bones and jelly bits.
2. Drain and reserve liquid from stew pork.
3. Cut cabbage, wash and drain.
4. Soak bee hoon in hot water to soften slightly.
5. Add oil to heated wok. Fry minced garlic until they begin to turn brown at the edges.
6. Add cabbage and half of the light soy. Stir to combine.
7. Add liquid and meat from stewed pork. Stir, then cover the wok with lid.
8. Reduce heat to medium. Cook for 8-10 minutes, until the cabbage has softened.
9. Add bee hoon, remaining light soy, dark soy and pepper.
10. Stir to allow the bee hoon to absorb all the liquid.
11. Serve hot.
*The fried bee hoon can be kept in a air tight container in the freezer for up to 3 months.

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