Thursday, June 5, 2014

pizza making class | school holiday activity

The school holidays have started, but since Aden is still in nursery, he does not have any holidays.

So today, we played truant and had some fun!

Because I cook and bake a lot, I am always game for Aden (and hopefully Jadelyn as well in the near future) to come and "help" me out in the kitchen. I think it is great for children to have some hands on fun with food.
When I heard about this pizza making class for kids at Modesto's, I was really keen for Aden to take part.

So on this morning, I took Aden out of school early and off we went for his pizza-making lesson!

Each class consisted of about 10 kids. They were provided with a hat, an apron and a rolling pin each.
They were given ready-made balls of dough, and taught how to stretch and roll the dough.
Aden had loads of fun.
He loved playing with the flour and dough.
Then he got to go into the kitchen to assemble his pizza.
Because he is rather picky, he didn't want any tomato sauce on his pizza. The chefs helped him make a calzone instead.
 He had help putting his calzone into the wood-fire oven.
And he was mighty pleased with his "calzonesaurus".
I think this is a great activity for kids - they get to play with food, make their own food, and eat!
Aden certainly had a blast! :)

Note: This is not a sponsored post. Aden's Mommy paid for him to participate in this class. I am in no way affiliated with Modesto's. All opinions expressed are my own.


  1. Cute little Chef Aden in action ^_^

  2. Thanks Jozelyn!! I only wish they had more cooking classes for kids! Was so fun :)