Thursday, November 6, 2014

Sponsorship of baking and cooking tools by Tovolo Singapore

I have been using tools from Tovolo for ages. Before they were available in Singapore, I used to buy them from the US and hand carry them back here.

I have owned many kitchen tools over the years and I have to say that Tovolo makes some of the best tools you can purchase anywhere.

If you are an avid cook or baker, you will agree with me that the right kitchen tool really makes the job a lot easier. You can see that much thought has been put into the design of Tovolo's kitchen tools and apart from being very user-friendly, they are also a breeze to clean.

And on top of all that, they come in so many beautiful colors and designs too!

So when the folks at Tovolo approached me for the endorsement for Tovolo to sponsor my baking and cooking tools, I was more than happy (okay, I was ecstatic!!) to say YES PLEASE!

Here are some of the tools that Tovolo has provided for my use.

When it comes to baking, I have 100% trust in Tovolo products. Their spatulas are the best spatulas I have ever used. They scrape cleanly and dry very quickly after being washed. I can honestly say that the pretty designs and colors were what attracted me to them initially but once I started using the spatulas, I will not switch to any other brands ever.
From left to right:
Spatulart® Cupcake Spatula
Spatulart®  Lily Spatula
Better Batter Tool (Fuchsia)
Silicone Mixing Spoon (Fuchsia)
Spatulart® Love Tree Spatula
Stainless Steel Handle Silicone Spatula (Fuchsia)
From left to right:
Silicone Pastry Mat
Silicone Baking Mat
Cupcake Scoop
From left to right (Back):
Star Pop Molds (Pink)
Groovy Pop Molds (Green)
Original Cupcake Pen (Brown)
From left to right (Front):
Tip Top Tongs (Fuchsia)
Silicone Pasta Claw (Fuchsia)
Silicone Yolk Out

I have used my Tovolo products to make many things and below are some of them.
cookies and cream cupcakes
blueberry basil martini pops
strawberry shortcake popsicles 

All Tovolo products comply with the Food-Safety Standards of the United States of America. Tovolo products are produced with FDA-Approved raw materials and comply with the FDA Regulations concerning plastic and non-plastic materials intended to come in contact with food.
Tovolo products are available @, all Robinsons stores and Harvey Norman Suntec City in Singapore. Get updates about Tovolo's products @


  1. Congratulations! I'm attracted to their bright and cheerful colours. Love their designs too!

  2. Diana, Tovolo got the right person for the job :) If I ever went to their store I will go nuts crazy and buy everything!

  3. They look like toys, surely makes cooking more fun for the kid inside you.